Historical Geekery

For those of you who are less acquainted with my bad habits, I LOVE historical simulations, especially those set in World War Two.  For someone of my tastes, Hearts of Iron 3 by Paradox Studios is hog heaven.  Diplomacy, Research, allocating Industrial Production, Espionage, and, of course, grand battles on the stage of mid-twentieth-century Earth.

I have defeated Japan as Britain, in an odd scenario where Poland never took an offer of protection from Germany, and Germany was content to sit and stare at the great Russian bear, the USA sitting out, uninvolved.  As the USA, I have fought my way up Italy's boot as early as 1940, tooth and nail against Bengalisari and the best Germany could haul through the mountains of the north.  As Russia, I have invaded Axis Brazil after grinding Germany, Italy, and much of Europe beneath my Red treads.  As Japan, I have conquered all of China in a year, only to starve my colonies as the British and Americans savage my supply lines, yet still take over lands as far away as the Suez.

Now, I am Italy.  I took over Republican Spain after my Nationalist brothers-in-arms failed in their bid to shape the future of the Iberian peninsula.  When Germany began the war in Poland, my cavalry - yes, actual dudes on horses - fought their way into the south of France.  With the aid of a daring marine invasion of Marseille, we broke the southern French lines, and Germany poured in through the open door.  The formation of Vichy France cut my new Empire in half... until I conquered Switzerland for their Allied sympathies. 

After a fine romp through Africa, culminating in the forced conversion of South Africa to the Axis cause, I attempted what I had only dared as powerhouse Germany - Operation Sea Lion.  It went flawlessly.  Britain capitulated before I reached Hadrian's Wall, their industrial and intellectual might added to my own.

And now I am fighting shoulder to shoulder with Persians and the Nationalist Chinese pawns of Japan on the Iraq / Russia border near the Black Sea
.  It's the Summer of '41.  I will have a Strategic Bomber (license built from German plans) in November and my first Mechanized Infantry division around midwinter.  As Italy

Ahistorical Geek Heaven.  </geeking>

Back in the Saddle

Had my first job interview today.  I was fearless, but perhaps a bit too honest.  Of course, if I had actually wanted the position, I might have been less of both.  Sales work, hocking spa packages, sports tickets, and other things.  7:30am-6:00pm, Monday through Saturday.  Thirty-nine hour weeks were kicking my ass, so I'm not thinking sixty to seventy is something I can do.

But I got my first interview, and I got through it, satisfied with my presentation.  I've lost enough weight that my old suit jacket fits like when I bought it.  I may not be gainfully employed yet, but things are looking up....

Gaming stuff

Okay, a few non-doomed items to report / comment on.

Another Dave ran the Swords and Sorcery game (yes, based on the movie with the three bladed sword) that he's been promising, and it was AWESOME!  My son is playing a ranger / scout, Paul is the gadgeteer test subject / disinherited prince and I am the princess who learned magic after narrowly escaping the murder of her noble family.  Very cool characters, great banter, and my Magic Missiles ROCK!  This is GURPS, so I designed my spells using Innate Attack, and they turned out way cooler than I anticipated without anyone giving me the 'that's a broken power' look in play.  The battle against the three witches was gruesome, with my character suffering several magical injuries and having to push to her limits to pull off the victory.  Other princess rescued, tragedy averted, and more adventures to come!

I am working on a new game world for a game I plan to run at Ambercon Central.  The working title is Merlinspawn, and it's set in a semi-steampunk era where golems, clockwork beings, and half-demons walk the earth.  More details as I work them out. :)

My online games are going well.  Several are on hiatus due to work and / or life stuff, but two are quite active.  Stuff I began shaping with Sara M has turned into a whole 'nother setting; the Seelie / Unseelie war.  Jill P is playing from the insider angle, and Kai-4313 is the outsider.  Great stories, great players, both!

Saw 'Priest' this afternoon with Janet.  It was... okay....  It'd make a good GURPS game, if nothing else. :)

I have an interview for a job Monday.  It looks like a practice run, but I'm keeping an open mind.

Current Events


Yesterday, I finished applying for unemployment.  Added my resume to the Michigan Job Bank at the local Michigan Works office.  Everyone was pleasant and helpful... and it was the most draining event I've endured in recent memory.  I nearly cried when I got back to the car.  I can't remember when I'd felt so defeated.  Part of it was probably low blood sugar.  I had a late breakfast, but the oil change for Janet's car took 2 1/2 hours, and I went straight on to MI Works for fear that I would put it off if I didn't go while I was out.  Probably a good idea.

So... I shook off my malaise, called Janet to update her, and decided - even though I felt like someone had worked me over with a two-by-four - that I would continue to do the right thing and head to the junkyard I'd passed on the way up to try to find a replacement headlight for Janet's car.

I went the wrong way.

I was so burnt, I went north instead of south, and ended up increasingly puzzled, then agitated, then terrified that I'd had a stroke or something before I realized my mistake and found my way back to the freeway.  I thought it best to just go home after my nine mile detour, lest I end up in Toledo next.

When I got back to Woodhaven - my new digs, in a posh three bedroom trailer - I treated myself to a quart of ham fried rice at my favorite little Chinese lunch place.  Sat and munched while playing Hearts of Iron 3, an intense but wonderful WWII strategy simulator that still miraculously runs on my dinosaur PC.  So, at least I had a happy ending.

Until my old landlord called.

But that is another bitch for another day.  Or not.

Coming Back

I'm starting my... well, technically, I started my job search a few weeks ago.  Every day feels a bit like starting over, I guess....

No big, long discourse this time.  I'm easing myself back into journal writing.

Fair warning; I may end up posting political rants here.  *sigh*

What's Your Personality Type?

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Updates on In Other News

I got my diploma in the mail a few days ago.  It's... smaller than I thought it would be.  Five years work comes down to an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of resume stationery in a manila envelope.  Huh.

Speaking of... need to update resume.  Want to... not so much....  Hard to convince myself to job hunt when I have a job, even though I'm frightfully underemployed.

I'm waking up about an hour before my alarm every morning.  My stomach is unsettled and my limbs are coming up with new ways to malfunction.  Apparently my warranty has expired and the factory won't take my calls. ;)

Is adulthood this exhausting for everyone, or am I just shaken by all that's ahead of me?
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In other news

I just got email confirmation of my degree being awarded.  I now have a masters degree.


Now I have to decide what I want to be when I grow up.  (And for those of you already poised to reply, I've already heard 'librarian' a few times as a suggestion.... ;P )
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ACUS Offerings!

Okay, so...

Magnetic East (Year 11 Ongoing) Saturday early slot:  Rewriting Regent Brand's brain, among other things... plus a war probably. ;)

Random Gambling: The Thrown Whore:  Latest episode!  Death!  Hijinks!  The opposite of a throne war, if such a thing can be pulled off!  Fewer actual exclamation marks in person! ;)

Three Kingdoms - year two of playtest for my 'new' diceless rules - Would folks rather see another Modern Urban Horror scenario, or try out the Classic (Warring States China martial arts and mystic action!) or Anime Future (Psionics, Cybernetics, and Mecha!) settings?

Something Sunday???
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